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ACT - SAT Results


​​The Composite Score is an average of the four mandatory sections on the ACT (math, English, history, & science).  The national average in 2018 was a 20.8 (

The highest possible score on the ACT is a 36.

We offer rigorously analyzed ACT-SAT evaluations and use those results to create student-specific study aides which cater to unique learning types and styles.

Our tutoring programs have proven to show incredible results even after just a few weeks of work.

​Based on the results of actual students, our ACT preparation program has shown that some students can gain 9 points or more in a single subject.  This could boost your Composite Score by 2-3 points!

Just remember: out of over 2 million testers in 2017, only 2,760 scored a 36 (  We can improve your score, but to be perfect takes a lot of work!