Lagniappe’s Supervised

Excel Study Lounge

Does your student need a better environment to complete their daily homework assignments?

Do you have students in multiple grades with different needs?

Does your student need hands-on tutoring to learn better study habits and practices?

If you said yes to any of these three questions, our Supervised Study Lounge might be a great fit for your student(s).

In keeping with Lagniappe Educational Service’s commitment to maximizing the academic success of every student we tutor, we now offer the full range of options for after-school academic assistance for students K-12.

Elementary / Primary Students

Cubs Study Club


Structure, Hands-on Support


Distractions, Alone Time

Available to Primary and Elementary students, Lagniappe’s Cubs Study Club provides a quiet, distraction-free environment in which your child is able to complete their homework assignments daily. Whether your student needs more hands-on learning assistance or minimal homework supervision, Lagniappe’s Cubs Study Club has a desk waiting for them.

Many parents find Lagniappe’s Cubs Study Club an invaluable resource, which supports their busy home schedules and reduces the stress sometimes associated with homework completion.

middle & high school students

Varsity Homework Lounge


Conducive Study Environment, Peer Interaction, Supervised Direction


Direct Tutoring, Environment Distractions

Our open lounge environment offers students the ability to complete their assignments while receiving both peer and supervised support. Students work collaboratively to find solutions to their questions with assistance and oversight from supervising educators.

middle & high school students

Varsity Homework Workshop


Personalized Tutoring, Studying Guidance, Quiet Environment


Peer Distraction

The Varsity Homework Workshop is ideal for students who require more hands-on academic support for their success. We limit our Varsity Homework Workshops to 5 students per room per educator so each student is provided with the personalized assistance they need to complete their assignments in an uninterrupted environment. VH Workshops provide the level of assistance students need to complete their assignments and comprehend their subjects.

While our standard Varsity Homework Lounge is geared towards motivated students that require less intensive support in lieu of a studious conducive environment, our Varsity Homework Workshop is primarily for those that may require more intense academic support for their success.

While we keep our VH Workshops under 5 students per room, per educator, each student is provided with the personalized assistance needed to get organized and started with their assignments in a more uninterrupted environment.  Our goal in our VH Workshops is to provide as much assistance as needed to complete their assignments and better comprehend the subject matter.

SAT Test Preparation FAQs

How can I improve my SAT score by 200 points?

There is no right or wrong way to increase your SAT score as long as you put in the work. SAT prep courses are a great way to improve your SAT score. For more information on SAT scores, check out our guide on SAT scores.

Are SAT prep courses worth it?

Yes, SAT preparation classes are worth it. Our tutors review material students have learned in ways they may not have encountered. ACT preparation sessions will help identify strengths and weaknesses, provide a study plan, and allow students to practice taking tests released by ACT. We have an edge because we take every test as they are released to stay fresh on techniques and material. This dedication to remaining current has lifted some of our highest achieving students from not only being accepted to the colleges of their choice but to them receiving scholarships for those colleges.

STAAR Test Prep FAQs

Is the STAAR Test Hard?

The STAAR test is meant to be an assessment of what a student has retained at the end of a school year. However, COVID-19 protocols appear to have caused a decrease in the percentage of students who pass portions of the STAAR test. The section that has been affected the most by a lack of in-person instruction is math. Therefore, some extra tutoring in all areas, but especially math, would be beneficial.

What is a Passing Score on the STAAR?

Each grade level receives a unique version of the test that requires a score of 25% to 35% to pass, depending on the district. Parents will receive a report card that shows their child’s overall performance in each area.

How Many Times can you Retake the STAAR Test?

The test is given three times per year in the fall, spring, and summer. It can be retaken at any point, provided the high school student has passed the appropriate course.